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A great example of sales prevention we can all learn from

So new year, I decided I needed a new chair!

Off to a large retailer (no names) sat on a few chairs, lots of deals, did not get much help and the chairs to be frank all looked a bit ropey. So onto my iPhone – and a quick search found a local retailer selling proper chairs…

Great round the corner, opening times, check, yep ok I’ll nip over there!

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Leapfrogg Chooses The Launch Pad for 2013 Growth

Leapfrogg, the digital marketing agency for premium brands and retailers is investing in an ENABLE sales project with The Launch Pad.

There are some very exciting developments around the corner at Leapfrogg and the Launch Pad has been appointed to help get the new offering to market in the shortest possible time. Watch this space!!

Want to understand how to motivate and engage your team?

Just added a really useful post that will help you to actually understand what is staff engagement and most importantly how can I motivate my team;

“It’s official – employee engagement is low, and getting worse.  If your company is able to work out how to improve it your employees put in more effort, are more loyal, are more absorbed in their work and are more profitable, but this just does not happen for most people.

In fact a recent Gallup analysis (1) of staff engagement found that just 27% of employees are engaged with their work. Since it also found “a strong relationship between employees’ workplace engagement and their respective company’s overall performance“ that means that around 70% of companies are doing worse than they could, because they don’t know how to engage their employees…”

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